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Welcome to CppBuzz.com !!

Interested in C, C++ Learning? Then this website is for you! A single platform to get more than 5000+ objective questions on C & C++. These questions may help individual to improve their skills. This website can also be used by IT companies to prepare test paper on C & C++. We are only providing objective questions with their answers. Please note all questions are compiled on Dev-C++/GCC-4.9.2 before uploading on this portal.

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C++ user image Prashant says:
[2018-03-19 22:44:30]
well, just wanted to add that your work will help many people. Thank You.

C++ user image Prashant says:
[2018-03-19 22:39:26]
Good place to learn the basics.. Keep it up Sir.

C++ user image phillimon says:
[2018-01-26 23:25:25]
Very nice

C++ user image Alimam says:
[2018-01-08 10:43:57]
Very helpful

C++ user image Ankesh Barode says:
[2017-12-16 13:30:39]
Well done Kripal!! It is a very user-friendly website and has a rich collection of C/C++ questions.

C++ user image Zuhri says:
[2017-12-13 16:25:58]
this is the best place to learn

C++ user image ladla says:
[2017-12-05 21:00:13]
Sir its my assignment write a note on data types,size value and etc plzzz help me thanks

C++ user image Rakesh says:
[2017-12-03 00:11:16]
Nice work kèep it up!

C++ user image AWAD says:
[2017-11-30 14:19:44]
Nice work.

C++ user image Surendra says:
[2017-11-29 23:56:20]
Wonderful.Nice work.Here lot to learn in easy way!!

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