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100 Civil Engineering Questions for Freshers

Question 1: What is modular size of Brick?
Question 2: What is AAC Block?
Question 3: What is water absorption of Brick?
Question 4: What is TMT bar?
Question 5: How much carbon percentage is in Wrought Iron & Pig Iron?
Question 6: What will be changed if carbon percentage increases in steel?
Question 7: What is the length of steel Bar?
Question 8: What is Deshuttering period of Beam & Slab?
Question 9: How much cube sample is taken for different concrete quantity?
Question 10: What is size of cube mould?
Question 11: What do you mean by M-15, M-20 concrete grade?
Question 12: What is slump value for Beam?
Question 13: What is Vee-Bee test?
Question 14: What is Rebound Hammer test?
Question 15: What is Ultrasonic pulse velocity test?
Question 16: How many type of Workability?
Question 17: What is slump test?
Question 18: What do you mean by compacting factor test?
Question 19: What is slump value for C.C pavements?
Question 20: What is slab thickness?
Question 21: What is height of concrete free fall?
Question 22: What do you mean by plate load test?
Question 23: What is the size of plate in a plate load test?
Question 24: What is size of plane table?
Question 25: What do you mean by Alidade?
Question 26: What is the use of Pychnometer method?
Question 27: What is the use of oven drying method?
Question 28: What is most accurate method to determine content of water in soil?
Question 29: What is CBR test?
Question 30: Tell us about conventional size of Brick?
Question 31: What is standard size of Brick?
Question 32: How many brick should be taken for checking length?
Question 33: What is core cutting test?
Question 34: Find the method to Determine liquid limit.
Question 35: How many types of cement tests are there?
Question 36: How many types of tests are there in cement lab test?
Question 37: What is soundness test?
Question 38: What is min. grade for RCC?
Question 39: What is min. grade for PCC?
Question 40: What is grade of Pre Tension concrete & Post Tension concrete?
Question 41: What is Long column & Short column?
Question 42: What is use of Substence bar?
Question 43: What is the use of Instrument Pentagraph?
Question 44: What Least count of Prismatic & Surveyor?
Question 45: Short & Long column fail in ?
Question 46: What is comprehensive strength of cement?
Question 47: What is comprehensive strength of concrete?
Question 48: What is standard consistency of an OPC?
Question 49: Why we have IS-456:2000, IS-1786 & IS-800:2000?
Question 50: What are the component of cement?

Question 51: What is chemical composition of portland cement?
Question 52: What if we increase percentage of C3S?
Question 53: Aggregate minimum size for RCC work?
Question 54: What is M-10, M-15, M-20 & M-25 grade, their strength?
Question 55: How to calculate cement, sand quantity in M-15, M-20?
Question 56: What is Initial & Final setting time of Cement?
Question 57: What is meaning of Dead & Live lead?
Question 58: What is DPC thickness & its measurement?
Question 59: What is honeycomb?
Question 60: What is the max height conrete can be lifted using conrete pumps?
Question 61: How many bricks will be there in 1 meter cube?
Question 62: What is English & Flemish bond?
Question 63: What is Queen closer?
Question 64: What is Slope or Pitch of the stair?
Question 65: What should be stair rise in mm?
Question 66: What is stire Tread in mm?
Question 67: What is Volume of 50kg cement bag?( in cube ft or m3 )
Question 68: What id least count of Theodolite?
Question 69: What is Least count of Staff level & Dumpy level?
Question 70: What is Development length in compression & tension?
Question 71: What is Normal weight of a Brick?
Question 72: What are the types of cement & its uses?
Question 73: Total Station vs Theodolite?
Question 74: What is mininum grade, maximum stell dia, min stell dia in Column?
Question 75: What is the use of UTM?
Question 76: What is Shallow & Deep foundation?
Question 77: What is the use of Stirrups?
Question 78: What is difference between OPC & PC?
Question 79: What is Segregation, Bleeding?
Question 80: What is minimum dia of Chair & its use?
Question 81: What is Dowel Bar & its minimum thickness?
Question 82: What is over R/F & under R/F?
Question 83: What are the different steel tests?
Question 84: What is minimum cover of Slab, Beam, Column & Footing?
Question 85: What is maximum distance between expansion joint in structure as per IS456-1978?
Question 86: What is Least count of total station?
Question 87: What is main bar dia in Slab?
Question 88: Examples of Metamorphick block?
Question 89: What is W/C for M-10, M-20, M-15, M-25?
Question 90: Difference between compaction & consolidation?
Question 91: What is PH value of drinking water?
Question 92: What is temprature of drinking water?
Question 93: What is Hardness of water?
Question 94: Detention period of Oxidation pond & septic tank?
Question 95: What is Earth Pressure & its types?
Question 96: for conreteing in water permissble limits i) Oraganic ii) Inorganic iii) PH iv) Sulphate?
Question 97: What is tolerance of slump value, compaction factor?
Question 98: What are types of curing?
Question 99: What is Duty, Delta & Base Period?
Question 100: Formula to find flexible tensile strength of concrete?