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Baxter QT/C++ Interview Questions

Baxter was looking for QT & C++ developer to work on their GUI projects. They use QT QML/QTWidgets for front end development and in backend they use QT-C++. This time they were looking for mininum 10 years of experience.

Here is a list of Interview Questions asked by Baxter -

1. Why can't we create object of Abstract classes in C++?
2. How to design parking system in C++?
3. What is Observer design pattern in C++?
4. What is preorder, postorder & preoder and where it is used?
5. What is the data strucutre used internally in Map?
6. What is Red-Black tree?
7. What is AVL tree?
8. What is self balancing in Binary tree
9. What are signal ans slots in QT?
10. Syntax of connect() in QT?
11. Can we connect one signal with multiple slots?
12. Which one you would prefer for GUI development QT-Widget or QT-QML?
13. When a copy constructor is called ?
14. What is Move constructor and move assignment operator?

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