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Interview Questions and Ans in C++ programming : Total Questions (25)

Question: 1

A. object oriented programming

B. oriented object programming

C. office oriented programming

D. office objective programming

Question: 2

A. Compilation Error

B. Runtime Error

C. CppBuzz

D. CppBuzz;;;;

Question: 3




D. C

Question: 4

A. Compilation Error

B. 0

C. 3

D. -3

Question: 5

A. Yes

B. No

Question: 6

A. A

B. B

C. Both has are same

D. Depends on Compiler

Question: 7

A. std::exception

B. std::bad_alloc

C. std::runtime_error

D. std::out_of_range

Question: 8

A. .exe

B. .out

C. .lib

D. .a

Question: 9

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depends on compiler

D. None of these

Question: 10

A. C++ 03

B. C++ 11

C. C++ 14

D. C++ 17

Question: 11

A. C++ 03

B. C++ 98

C. C++ 0X

D. C++ 03

Question: 12


B. asm

C. Not possible

D. Compiler specific

Question: 13

A. 1 Million +

B. 2 Million +

C. 3 Million +

D. 4 Million +

Question: 14


B. VB 6

C. C++

D. C#

Question: 15

A. Uses buttons, menus, and icons

B. Should be easy for a user to manipulate

C. Stands for Graphic Use Interaction

D. Both A and B

Question: 16




D. None of the above

Question: 17

A. True

B. False

Question: 18

A. t.foo template<U>(u);

B. t.foo<typename U>(u);

C. t.template foo<U>(u);

D. typename t.foo<U>(u);

Question: 19

A. It saves memory

B. It releases memory once it go out of scope

C. It inrease execution time of program

D. None of these

Question: 20

A. Pass by Value

B. Pass by reference

C. Pass by pointer/address

D. Depends on Compiler

Question: 21

A. ios::trunc

B. ios::ate

C. ios::app

D. ios::tellg

Question: 22

A. Filename

B. First argument

C. Last argument

D. NULL pointer

Question: 23

A. We can create link using structre only

B. We can create link list using class only

C. We can create link list either by class or structure

D. We should ignore implementation of link list using structure as it consume more memory

Question: 24



C. WxWidget

D. Bootstrap

Question: 25

A. Normal Data Section

B. Un initialized data section

C. Initialized data section

D. None of the above

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