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Languages to learn to become Software Engineer

If you want to become a good Software Engineer then we suggest you to try hands on multiple languages, and after that choose any of your interest to coninue and have experties on the same. Below path is specially designed for B.E/B.Tech students but others graduates can also follow.

Semester Languages to learn
Sem IC Programming
Sem IIC++ Programming
Sem IIICore-Java
Sem VPython
Sem VIAny database like Oracle/MySql/SqlServer

In 7th & 8th Semester you should build expertise on any set of the above languages. Advance portion of above languages is given below.

Semester Languages to learn
C/C++Programming on Linux, Multithreading, STL, IPC, Socket Programming, Shell-Scripting
JavaJSP, Hibernet, Spring, Maven, Certifications
PythonGUI Development(like tkinter), Socket programming, Certification
C#Desktop Application, WebApplication, Database connectivity, Certification
Oracle/SqlServerBackup & Recovery, Certifications