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PHP Project On Automobile Manufacturing Process

Real project which simulates the process of manufacturing automobiles in industries. When any automobile vehicle is manufactured, it has initially a base body with VIN number on it. Vehicles is moved from one gate to another gate so that different parts can be added. Insepctor at each gate is responsible the quality of vehicle and that is why the Inspector performs few checks and pass the vehicle to next gate. This project simulates the process of different quality checkes using a web based appication.

Oprations performed by this project

  • Create a VIN number
  • Read different check points of any VIN number
  • Open any VIN record to edit check points
  • Get report of any VIN

Note: The same sheet can be open multiple times & edited by Inspector on different quality check gates. It is possible becuase final quality check Inspector my find some issue.

List of files used in this Automobile project

This project has 15 files (.php, .html, .sql, .png, .css)

list of files for PHP automation project

How to run this project?

1. Install WAMP locally on computer
2. After installing WAMP, create a folder 'AutomobileProject' inside C:\wamp64\www directory.
3. 'AutomobileProject' should have all of the files. After this, you can check the project on 'locahost' page: (open browser & enter localhost)
list of PHP project on localhost
4. Now open PHPMyAdmin page:
list of PHP project on localhost
5. If you have not setup username/password for PHPMyAdmin page then enter 'root' as username and password field should be kept empty:
list of PHP project on localhost
6. Create a new database 'wwl'
create new database in phpmyadmin
7. Its time to create tables in the database
You don't need to do this manually, copy all sql statements from SqlStructure.php and execute these on phpmyadmin:
executing sql command on phpmyadmin
8. demo & history tables are created and filled with some dummy data
create and insert data into tables in phpmyadmin
9. Launching the project
Type 'localhost/AutomobileProject' in browser. Here is the view of project
PHP project on automation manufacturing process

Video on this PHP project