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Java assignments for beginners

1. Java program to convert string into mm/dd/yyyy format
2. Java program to check if number is krishnamurthy
3. Java programs to reverse any sentence
4. Program to calculate area of rectangle
5. Program of Recursion
6. Program to calculate avg of top 4 score
7. Program to calculate number of seconds in given time
8. Program to check sequence of number number is even or odd
9. Find if number is prime using function in java
10. Program to find power of any number without using any method in java
11. Java program to calulcate sales of 6 months
12. Java program of drinking machine
13. How to initialize const variables of any class in Java
14. Java program that takes an integer representing a day of the year and translates it to a string
15. Java program that reads in the lines from a text file and displays them
16. Java program to convert string into enums
17. Java program to find sum of n numbers using function
18. Java program on inheritance and virtual function
19. Java program on Encryption & Case Conversion
20. Java program to convert polar form to rectangular form 21. Java program of Exceptional Handling using classes
22. Java program to calulate interest rates using class
23. Java program to concatenate two strings using inheritance
24. Java program to count frequency of words of any file
25. Java program to read file into stack and pop its contnets to another file
26. Container - List example in Java
27. Java program to evaluate postfix expression using stack stl container