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GlobalLogic Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Question 1: What is CSS Box model
Question 2: What is CSS Flex model
Question 3: What is difference between JDK, JRE & JVM
Question 4: What is Global Scope in JavaScript
Question 5: What are HTML Video Tags
Question 6: What is multithreading & serialzation
Question 7: What are different type in JavaScript
Question 8: What is JIT
Question 9: What is Lambda experssion in Python
Question 10: Life cycle of threads in Java
Question 11: What Promise in JavaScript
Question 12: How to convert string into tuple in Python
Question 13: List different type of inbuilt modules in Python
Question 14: Python List vs Array
Question 15: Python range xrange
Question 16: Local storage in HTML5
Question 17: write a program x=12345 to reverse x=54321
Question 18: How to implement REST API using Python?
Question 19: Program to write string polyndrome
Question 20. GIT commands to resolve conflict