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C++ program to convert string into enum

C++ program to convert string into enum.


enum Days {Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday};

Days convert(const std::string& str)
    if(str == "Monday") return Monday;
    else if(str == "Tuesday") return Tuesday;
    else if(str == "Wednesday") return Wednesday;
    else if(str == "Thursday") return Thursday;
    else if(str == "Friday") return Friday;
    else if(str == "Saturday") return Saturday;
    else if(str == "Sunday") return Sunday;

int main()
    std::string str;
    cout<<"\n Enter any day in words (like Sunday, Monday) : ";
    std::cin >> str;

    Days day = convert(str);
    switch (day) {
        case Monday: std::cout << "This is Monday" << std::endl; break;
        case Tuesday: std::cout << "This is Tuesday" << std::endl; break;
        case Wednesday: std::cout << "This is Wednesday" << std::endl; break;
        case Thursday: std::cout << "This is Thursday" << std::endl; break;
        case Friday: std::cout << "This is Friday" << std::endl; break;
        case Saturday: std::cout << "This is Saturday" << std::endl; break;
        case Sunday: std::cout << "This is Sunday" << std::endl; break;
        default: cout<<"\n\n Inavlid Input";    

    return 0;