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WinWire QT/C++ Interview Questions

WinWire was looking for C++ developer to work on their UK projects. This position was for a project which make use of MFC, C++ & Database. This time they were looking for mininum 6 - 8 years of experience.

Here is a list of Interview Questions asked by WinWire -

1. What is Polymorphism?
2. What are different type of typecasting in C++?
3. Have you worked on templates? what are the cons in using templates?
4. Assume a Class just has only static functions, what would be the size of that class?
5. What are the different C++11 features you have used?
6. Have you every worked on any GUI related C++ framework?
7. Assume you have a classA which has one function, ClassB & ClassC are derived out of it. You have classD which is publically derived from ClassB & ClassC. Is there any issue in this?
8. Few questions on Smart Pointers
9. Few questions on STL
10. Few questions on multithreading & synchronization in deep

Last question was based on a puzzle based on shipping the gold bar in a box. Box is not breakable & can't be open without the key. We can't make duplication key. Assume, Shipping is free.

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