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Vizio C++ Interview Questions

Type of Interview : Technical
Experience Level - 5 to 10 Years
Skills Set Required- C++ & Linux
Duration: 60 Minutes
Number of Interviewer: 2 Person
Mode: Zoom
Location: Dallas, Tx, US
Year of Interview: 2023

It was very technical interview, interviewers asked to share the screen and notepad. I was supposed to tell the answer after analysing those. All questions were in C++, not only basic C++, but also from C++11 & C++ 14. They will ask with few basic questions then move to taugh questions, and at the end they will ask you to write the programs. Interview took more than 80 minutes.

Here is a list of Interview Questions asked by Vizio -

Question 1:

int main()
int x = 0;
    std::cout<< "Hello" << x;
    std::cout<<" Hello " << x;
return 0;

Question 2:

#include <iostream>
#include <memory>

using namespace std;

class MyObject1 
    int data;
    MyObject1(int aNumber) {data = aNumber;}
    int getData() {return data;}

class MyObject2
    void doSomething(unique_ptr<MyObject1> ptr)
        cout << "data = " << ptr->getData();

//Will the code below compile? 
//If so, what will be the run result? 
//If not, how would you suggest to fix it?

int main()
    auto upObj1 = make_unique<MyObject1>(5);
    auto upObj2 = make_unique<MyObject2>();
    return 0;

Question 3: Write example of shared pointer in C++.
Question 4: Why should I use weak pointer in C++.
Question 5: Write C++ Program to Check for balanced paranthesis.
Question 6: Time complexity of Map.
Question 7: how to pass shared pointer to a function & questinos around it.
Question 8: Underlying data structure for unorderd_map ( hash tables ).
Question 9: Time complexity of unordered_map.

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