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Persistent Systems C++ Interview Questions

This interview was for 10 years experience C/C++ developer. Persistent was looking for someone who is good at C & C++ with experience on System Programming.

01. How can we achieve inheritance in C programming
02. What is difference between mutex and semaphore
03. What is difference between static and dynamic linking
04. What is difference between pointer and reference
05. How to resolve Diamond problem in C++
06. Can we defined const static function in C++
07. How to initialize const variables of any class in C++
08. How to design singleton class in C++
09. Can we use any user defined data type as a key in Map in C++
10. Syntax of overloading << operator in C++
11. Difference between Copy constructor and assignment operator
12. What is the default functionality provided to class by compiler
13. How does virtual functions work in C++
14. Difference between malloc & new
15. Size of any class which has a virtual function in it
16. Questions on function overloading
17. Why static functions can be accessed without creating object of any class
18. Few questions were asked on System Programming
19. How should be deallocate instance created by Singletone class?

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