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Infosys C & C++ Interview Questions

Location: Bangalore/Hydrabad/Chennai (India)
Experience Required: 5 to 20 Years
Profile: Senior C++ Developer
Degree: Any Degree (Computer Science)

First Technical Round over Cell-Phone

Question 1. What is difference between Abstract Factory and Factory design pattern
Question 2. What is name mangling in c++
Question 3. Have you worked on socket programming
Question 4. How to create daemon process
Question 5. What is Singleton class
Question 6. What is Priority Inversion
Question 7. How does AVL Tree worked
Question 8. What is difference between fork() and thread
Question 9. What will you change in Singleton class so that I can return multiple objects
Question 10. How do you delete object returned by Singleton class
Question 11. Can we create array of shared pointers? and how
Question 12. Have you ever used any memory leak detection tool
Question 13. Have you used STL in your projects

Second Technial Interview over Webex Video Call

We were supposed to share our screen & notepad to show them our code.
Question 1. write a c++ program on queue & dequeue
Question 2. What are spin locks
Question 3. What is difference between Deep & Shallow copy
Question 4. What are callback functions; write a small code
Question 5. What are different sorting and search algorithms
Question 6. Write C++ code on priority queue