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EPAM C++ Interview Questions

Type of Interview : Technical
Experience Level - 5 to 10 Years
Skills Set Required- C++, Data-structure, STL & Linux
Duration: 60 Minutes
Number of Interviewer: 1 Person
Mode: Zoom
Location: Newtown, PA, US
Year of Interview: 2022

Here is a list of Interview Questions asked by EPAM -

Question 1: How to pass unique_pointer to a function and questions around it.
Question 2: how to pass shared pointer to a function & questinos around it.
Question 3: how to create vector of auto_ptr.
Question 4: Underlying data structre for List ( Double Link list ).
Question 5: Underlying data structure for Vector ( Dynamic arrays ).
Question 6: Underlying data structure for Map ( BST Tree ).
Question 7: Underlying data structure for unorderd_map ( hash tables ).
Question 8: Time complexity of Map.
Question 9: Time complexity of unordered_map.

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