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Benison Technologies C & C++ Technical Interview Questions

Question 1:
Write a C++ program to create integer vector of capacity 10 and initialize from 1-10 sequentially

Questions 2:
Write a C++ program to sort the below vector in descending order

vector a = {1.45, 45.1, 54.71, 71.54, 76.12, 12.76};

Question 3:
Define Macro (BITS_SET) to find out 1st and 3rd bit of a byte is set or not? Here is code snippet that will use this macro,

    printf("Bot bit 1 & 3 are set in byte x");
    printf("Either one or none of the bits set in byte x");

Question 4:
Is the below code has any issue? if no, what is the output result. If yes, share the fixed code,

char *names[2];
char n[50];
int len,i;

    printf("\n Enter name ");
    scanf("%s", n);
    len = strlen(n);
    *names[i] = malloc(len);
    strcpy(names[i], n);

for(i=0; i<=5; i++)
printf("\n%s", names[i]);

Question 5:
What is the output of below program?

float a,b,c;
a = b = 3.5;
int x,y,z;
c = a-b;
printf("result: %d", z = x*y/c);