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VMC Developers & Realtors Pvt Ltd, Thane West, Mumbai

(Also Known as Vision E Mall Corporation)

List of People Cheated by VMC Developer

VMC Investment Amount & Recovery Details

An Initiative to prepare list of people suffering from VMC Deveopers And Realtors, Thane, Maharashtra.

This page is on internet to collect & share ammount invested by indididual with VMC Developer. This page is indented to show everyone about the fraud by VMC developer, Thane. I request everyone to put their information here, so that we can collect huge record of fraud. I am also victim like others but I recieved my money (with interest) back from VMC in installemnts of 5000/- by forming small group of dedicated people and visiting their offices continously. I am creating this page to help others, so that all of us can come together and get our hard earn money back. I am not sharing my contact no here but you can write your comments at the end of this page (below). I will reply you. I also want to tell you that my investment was not big, it was around 50,000/- but I know people who have invested in Lacks. I am not only in my group of got money back from VMC Developer, but my friends also got their invested fund back.
So please join this page and put your details. You can also check details of other invstors here. Hope you will like this initiative. Thank you....

Here is the proof. I am uploading only 2 messages for proof. They give money in small EMIs (Message Title is HP-VMCCRM - Happy Payment Day :-

Id Name Money Paid Contact Did you Get Money from VMC back?
2sanchita narsale780009029796434No
3Tejas J Alasundkar219760tejas.alasundkar@gmail.comNo
4Subhash Ranadive50000Ranadive_bhushan@rediffmail.comNo
5Amer abdul majid shaikh231058Amer1shaikh@gmail.comNo
6Fahimnaaz A Majid shaikh231058Fahimnaaz@yahoo.co.inNo
7Pramod Nayak260000.00+919987700909No
8Aminullah Kazi1045009867899288No
9Megha mhatre600009821325359No
10Megha mhatre600009821325359No
11B Shah100000bhavesh.2001shah@gmail.comNo
12Hemant Bhangle4500009869355818 bhanglehemant@hotmail.comNo
13Jayesh Patel120000jayeshmumbai@gmail.comNo
14Vikrant M Basutkar1000009869278556No
15Balasaheb Pawar60000942321533No
16sampada pathak510008390496006No
17Prabind Yadav12000009892725382No
18Manoj Mahendra Wagh750009768449711No
19Akhilesh Karanth288000 + Advance amount for 6 Plotakilbmtc@gmail.comNo
20samiya khan50000samiya.khan3004@gmail.comNo
21Sharif Shaikh520009689880383No
22Md Sulaiman71000icdmediazone@gmail.comNo
23Suryaprakash M. Maurya2600009869076854 / 9769911937 / suryaprakash_maurya@yahoo.comNo
24Jyotsna Chandrakant Terwa1460009768554927No
25Pinkal Prajapati1050009769573004No
26Nayan Prajapati1150009769573004No
27Raosaheb Patil100000patilrekha11393@gmail.comNo
28Niranjan Mudholkar 1200009819531819No
29Shivaji Kumbhar 1800009819487793No
30Sanjay Gupta2500009922507908No
31Subhash patil4400009323697908 / Sandeeppatil.mailbox@gmail.comNo
32Mahendra prabhakar patil4600009323880443No
33Baburao Kumbhar 800009167452495No
34Dharmendra Kumar Singh570009867449088No
35Shanta Kumbhar 600009967178962No
36Vasant Khandekar530009920795304No
37Ravi Chandra VermaRs 131040.009427313863,ravichandra151186@yahoo.comYes
38Ravi Chandra VermaRs 131040.009427313863,ravichandra151186@yahoo.comYes
39Ashraf ali700009773929883Yes
40Ashraf ali700009773929883Yes
41Istekhar Ahmed Khan70000istekhar786@gmail.comNo
42Ritesh gohil490009930525063No
45Subhash patil3500009323697908 / Sandeeppatil.mailbox@gmail.comNo
46Sebe Samuel95009820268201No
47Dinesh shetty 125000 still Pending 25000 recd 9322404716No
48Subhash patil350000Sandeeppatil.mailbox@gmail.comNo
51Pratik Utekar200009768156191 / pratikutekar21@gmail.comNo
52Gunjan Jha4000009579694523No
53Shivaji Dalvi1500009967668600No
54suresh dinkar sonmale1000007039200571No
55suresh dinkar sonmale1000007039200571No
56suresh dinkar sonmale1000007039200571Yes
57Yogesh ghagre1,17,500.007507108675 yoga.301@gmail.comNo
58Pratik Utekar200009768156191 / pratikutekar21@gmail.comNo
59pravin s utekar25000/9029947787 utekarpravin84@gmail.comNo
60Ranjan Kumar2400009390947820No
61Nitesh Gupta 1,50,000.00₹7351002944 niteshjpr2010@rediffmail.comNo
62Dinesh Kantharia.160000/-9819690017No
63Sumit GuptaRs. 250,0009833543488No
66Nitesh Gupta 1,50,000.00₹07351002944No
67Baburao Kumbhar 80000Kbh1474@gmail.com No
68Mrs. Wilma Dias1,60,000.009821327390 9870453742.No
69Satish Jagtap530009890881210No
70Gopikisan karwa250007738202362No
71Giriraj jakhotia650007738001015No
72Cyril Samuel800009920409001No
73Daniel Miranda5000d4denny79@gmail.comNo
74Daniel Miranda5000d4denny79@gmail.comNo
75Manasi More175000moremahen@gmail.comNo
76Dinkar Pqtil175000moremahen@gmail.comNo
77Shrikant Nanasaheb Shirsa2,00,0008446344627No
78Ajit Manohar Arote840009320223341No
79pramod kumar panigrahy115500pramodpanigrahy5@gmail.comNo
80Sunil Chouksey4000009819866216Yes
81RAKESH SHIBE150000 approxrakesh_shibe53@rediffmail.comNo
82Prashant Belnekar400009867035873No
83Vikrant M Basutkar1000009869278556No
84Manisha Dilip kakde1200008108000217No
85Kamlesh Hebare300000.009220520140No
86Giriraj jakhotia750007738001015No
87wahid ali shaikh2100009594278318No
88Amol Repal5000009850818210No
89Santosh Patil750009920037908No
90Sachin Angre3000009619145606No
91Sandeep Shetty727909769964298No
92Shreyas khare1100009820589362No
93Sarjerao Gade60000.009819839564No
94Ashok Raghunath Jagdhane66000ashokajagdhane@gmail.comYes
95Bhavin j sanchaniya1000009833044559No
96Babasaheb Ramesh Hiwale16000009833766863No
97Maruti T Bhalshankar540007208208633No
98Babasaheb R Hiwale1.59833766863Yes
99Ritesh Gohil490009930525063No
100Shivaji Dalvi1500009967668600No
101Radha basa58290Naren107@yahoo.comNo
102Geeta kanna904509702036890No
103Narendra kanna904509702036890No
104Mrs. Wilma Dias1,60,000.009821327390, 9870453742,
105Gyan kaur soundh1280009833224206No
106Ranjan Kumar240000ranjank748@gmail.comNo
108Mohit Bhardwaj4 Lacks9820134826No
109Marilyn Pereirs200000renold_pereira@yahoo.comNo
110Giriraj jakhotia75000No
112Dinesh Kantharia160000/-9819690017No
113Milind kadam1150009619981945No
114Milind kadam100009619981945No
115Abdul hameed khan900009833926727No
116Istekhar Ahmed Khan700009987822571No
117Yougesh Baltakai80000.008169850365No
118Saikumar Sithawar 80000.008879987295No
119Suryaprakash Mevalal Maur2600009869076854No
120Laxmikant Kolekar1000009028903631No
121Gunjan Jha4000009579694523No
122Mohit Bhardwaj 4,00,0009820134826 No
123Uttam Chintaman Sonwane880009870199040No
124Abhijit Sahebrao Patil500009870240968No
125Vilas Appaji Rane64350vilas.rane74@gmail.comNo
126Ravindra Gowda1500009892537786Yes
127Gauri Ramesh gowda2500009892537786Yes
128Amrendra Singh 1470009727782535No
129Ashutosh Mishra145000ashumishra123@gmail.comNo
131Mangesh S Verlekar250009404395629No
132Bipin Bhalerao (773838073Rs 200000bipin.bhalerao@gmail.comNo
133Sandeep Nadkarni115000.00Yes
134Merujyoti Panja100000meru_aurora@rediffmail.comYes
136Sandip patil520008407998080No
137Jayesh Patel120000No
138Nilesh b patil780007738376827No
139Dinesh.shetty@rediffmail.101000 Partial 25000 recd9322404716No
140vinayak Vishwanath gurav 2300009619493291 Yes
141Sarang Wagh2000008097841682No
142parag Dabhade / Payal Bel520007680021532No

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vmc user image Amer says:
[2018-02-16 04:17:22]
Please inform me if any group complain is going to be filled against vmc Count me in

vmc user image Akhilesh says:
[2018-01-11 02:39:05]
Stop payment done already 2 year back still not received refund from vmc after continues followup. Same thing happen to my freind.

vmc user image Milind kadam says:
[2017-12-16 01:33:39]
Now vmc say they give the plot with 7/12 utara

vmc user image Rahul says:
[2017-12-09 01:59:20]
Dear Sanjay Gupta, Please form a group of 100 people and then visit Rabodi Police station with the team. They will ask VMC to return money. This is how we got our money back. Going in group will work.

vmc user image Sanjay Gupta says:
[2017-12-07 20:55:27]
Now VMC company had stop returning the Amount, They saying We are now giving the plots. Rabodi police are not cooperating . Consumer Court people are saying appoint Advocate , Advocate are taking every high amount fee and saying this case might take 1 to 2 yrs to settle. Kindly help if anyone have any way ??

vmc user image Subhash patil says:
[2017-12-02 10:09:18]
Updated mobile no

vmc user image Apurva Mehta says:
[2017-11-25 04:22:50]
Police Complaint done on 28/09/2017 at Vartak Nagar Thane Police Station. Efforts on To push matter also through M.P. Of Thane, by submitting application with Signature of Maximum victims of VMC Group.

vmc user image pravin says:
[2017-11-21 09:58:53]
Hi I am living near VMC office at rabodi , I am continuesaly follow about my ref and money but there is no response.

vmc user image Dinesh Kantharia says:
[2017-11-20 02:42:21]
I have paid rd 160000/- cash at the time of purchase and get one plot free ( on cash payment) as per rule 36 months complited on April'2017.

vmc user image Suresh says:
[2017-11-20 01:44:01]
I won’t let that happen

vmc user image Kripal says:
[2017-11-19 14:07:23]
Mr. Suresh, lets wait till December, I think they are making you fool :(

vmc user image Suresh says:
[2017-11-18 11:04:25]
On my last visit they asked to come in December as they are assigning a particular person for this project

vmc user image kripal thakur says:
[2017-11-17 07:31:04]
Mr. Suresh, I thing they will never hand over plot to you. After Feb it has be almost 10 months. What they are saying to you now?

vmc user image Suresh says:
[2017-11-16 21:42:30]
I have not asked them to cancel our plots We have paid them Rs. 120,000.00 in feb 2014 The plot was supposed to be handed on feb 2017

vmc user image Sunil chouksey says:
[2017-11-08 22:40:38]
VMC is a big Fraud group.Thankfully i got my money refund with the help of other people but it took more than 1 year to get my money refund. I got many calls from different people who invested in VMC group and neither getting plot nor getting their money refund. This group prove to useful for those who are fighting for their money and others who are planning to invest in this fraud company. We All have to open this company's fraud in front of other people and police. Thanks kripal for forming this group. With best regards, Sunil

vmc user image Aakashhiwale says:
[2017-11-06 02:34:18]
Dear madam This is with references to my below mail regarding cancellation of my hamara ghar row house. As promised by you that I will be intimated after 4 months about the refund. U are not in office and now that the time has come for refund your staff is saying that we will have to wait for 1.5 year more that too it is not confirmed. So what should I assume that you are a fraud company and you are lying to your customers and betraying. Can you please explain why this was not intimated at the time of cancellation request that you don't have money for refund (as said by your staff) and now again you want us to covert the invested money on your project. How to invest again for a loss. It is a loss for me. I m a member is mns and I keeping cc to one of the officials. Kindly refund my money immediately. Active cooperation will be appreciated. Babasaheb Ramesh Hiwale

vmc user image Sukhjinder singh says:
[2017-11-05 22:33:14]
We have booked a plot and VMC in 2010 with a promise that i will get a plot of 1065 sqft in shahpur but after my all payment i come to know that they are not provind any plot and i cancelled my plot in 2014. From that till today i am doing regular follow up with them and in 3.6 yrs i have nnot received my money back.

vmc user image Ram says:
[2017-11-05 12:50:44]
VMC ek chor company hai. log esme paisa na lagawe. sabhi log apni details yaha submit kare.

vmc user image Siddharth says:
[2017-11-05 00:54:01]
I trusted these touts & invested 4lacs for 5plots in 2013 in between got 10% of money after lots of follow ups but since sumtime these guys are not paying back the full amount. I hope they refund the full amount

vmc user image Merujyoti Panja says:
[2017-11-04 02:00:22]
We got money after long follow up and NC with Rabodi Police station Thane

vmc user image Tushar says:
[2017-11-04 01:32:04]
Fraud company never invest in this company. If invested you will never get money back or and property

vmc user image Jayesh Patel says:
[2017-11-03 23:37:32]
Fraud Company

vmc user image Nilesh says:
[2017-11-03 23:23:00]
VMC not giving money return

vmc user image Rahul says:
[2017-11-03 21:37:46]
I have received my fund. I advise to create one big whatsApp group from here and visit their office and Police Station. For us it took 4 months.

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