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unable to click on the option(icon)-CppBuzz-Forum

I am unable to click on the option(icon) even though tried using different locators.
There are 5 questions and each question has 3 options in the form of icon.
The HTMlL code is below
<li class="odd">
                                                <span class="rating-item"> 1 . We can collaborate to establish norms.</span>
                                                <span class="rating-icons practice_2667">
                                                    <input type="hidden" id="Assessment_1_2667" value="0">
                                                        <span title="Can do with no help" class="rating-icons1"><a href="#" id="thumbs1_1_577" onclick="vote('1_577', 1,2667);" class="fa fa-thumbs-up " style="font-size:22px"></a></span>
                                                        <span title="Need help" class="rating-icons2"><a href="#" id="thumbs2_1_577" onclick="vote('1_577', 2,2667);" class="fa fa-thumbs-down " style="font-size:22px"></a></span>
                                                        <span title="What is this?" class="rating-icons3"><a href="#" id="thumbs3_1_577" onclick="vote('1_577', 3,2667);" class="fa fa-thumbs-down " style="font-size:22px"></a></span>
<li class="even">...</li>
<li class="odd">...</li>
<li class="even">...</li>
<li class="odd">...</li>
The values which I have highlighted keeps on changing.
The text below inside the "span class" changes for each question (i.e totally 5 questions)
<span class="rating-item"> 1 . We can collaborate to establish norms.</span>

Thanks & Regards,
Small World

Posted by SmallWorld 2020-06-24 04:13:55

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