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how to install and run python packages(Azoo)-CppBuzz-Forum

Hi! I need a pointer on how to install and run python packages. I need to use this package(Azoo) to download an app in large numbers. Here's the link : 

I've followed the step that provides in the GitHub but still got confused.

I've done:
1. install the app in my venv
2. create .az file

what's makes me confused:
1. do I have to import packages before creating .az file or not?
I've done this actually.. but it said Modulenotfound

2. Configuration step makes me confuse.
I've inserted key and input_file in my .az file. it means that if I want to configure file, I just have to change .az file contents right?

3. Sample usage
codes: az -n 10 -d 2015-12-11: -s :3000000 -m play.google.com,appchina

Why suddenly there's az? is there some step that I miss?

I know I ask too much, but I hope you can also give me an example or point me an article that might help. Thanks for your help.

Posted by nidaazizah97 2020-11-10 08:27:49

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