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Tips to get Google Adsense Approval for my website

Hi Team,
I have a website which contains MP3 music online. I have to approve my website for google adsense so that I can make money only. I know Google Adsense pay good amount and they are very fair in payming money on time. 

Posted by david 2018-10-17 13:09:25

Hi David,

Please work on these before applying for Google Adsense:-
1. Have good length of contents which is unique and with no grammer error
2. Create more number of pages
3. Don't keep empty links. All links should work
4. Every page should have good length of content. Don't put only images
5. Try to have images with alt tags
6. Follow html standards

Please look at this url - 

C++ user image Admin posted 2018-10-30 07:58:50

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