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Railwat ticket reservation system using linked list in C p

Except for General class train tickets, Indian Railways requires reservations or booking on all classes of travel. Reservation or booking allows the travelers to find a confirmed berth in the selected class of a train. There are two main ways in which you can make a booking or reservation. A passenger can make online advance reservations through the IRCTC portal, which is also called as the e-ticketing of Indian Railways. Other than that, a passenger can make a booking physically through the Indian Railways booking counter at the railway station.
Develop a C program to reserve an e-ticketing based approach using linked list concept.
The following sub-functions are expected in the designed program:
1.Booking the seats based on available tickets.
2.Cancelation based on specific request.
3.Reserved seats on display.
4.Search specific ticket and its detail on request.

Posted by BHOOMIKASHETTY17 2021-01-21 03:51:13

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